Saturday, January 16, 2010

Basic Drawing - BASIC

Basic Drawing

Marciano Martinez. 2011

Objectives: Learn to use drawing materials such as graphite, charcoal, and ink to create representations of objects, forms, light, and space in both technical and expressive ways, with emphasis on personal improvement and growth.

Class Title: Basic Drawing
Suggested Textbook:Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain - Edwards
Basic Drawing Supply List:
Drawing paper – Strathmore 400 series - 18” x 24”
Bond paper – 18” x 24”
Sketch book – Strathmore or black cover bound book
Pencil – regular
Pencils – 6B soft
Woodless Graphite Pencils – 6B or 9B
Large kneaded type eraser
Charcoal sticks (compressed)
Conte crayon – black 6B, sanguine, white
Chamois (4”x4”)
India ink – water soluble (ex. Higgins, Pelican, Hunt brands)
Dip pen points and holder
Bamboo type round brush – apprx. #12
Flat brush – apprx. # 6,7, or 8
Facial tissues
Fixative spray – Workable Matt
Glass – 8”x10” – tape edges for safety
Erasable Black felt pen
Soft square of cloth for wiping glass
Single edge razor blade
Tracing paper
Tackle box or other container

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